Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Google is paying Apple to remain on the iPhone

And the regulators and anti-trust people are asleep on the watch. When do payments become a bribe?
Google is paying Apple billions per year to remain on the iPhone, Bernstein says

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nobody cares if Bill Gates gets richer because of tax cuts?

Forbes is a card-carrying member of the 1%. His arguments are ludicrous. Of course, Joe Six pack does not care, because he does not know or better - the numbers involved are so absurd and beyond the comprehension of the average citizens that he CANNOT care! But the Billionaires' wealth is not 'created', it is redistributed, like the wealth of feudal lords was not 'created', they took their lands and the majority had to put up with it. In those days it was just brute force, now it is ideology supported by media that is basically controlled by the 1% (remember: free speech means that 200 rich people are allowed to say what they want you to hear, think Murdoch, Barclay Brothers etc).
This ideology perpetuates the 'trickle down' effect, so if Louis XIV builds his Versailles the workers benefit from the expenditure. Now of course the capitalist (better: free market) system needs free interplay to generate a growing and productive economy. But with the wrong signals and rules of the game we get absurd results. People who make billions playing the markets, benefiting from market failure and rigged rules that preserve them (copyright, corporate law, tax subsidies for financial gambling casinos).
All these are the result of a lack of democratic control where the lobbies of the (Super)Rich control the state and prevent full and public discussion. Paying the multitudes off with 'Welfare' and driving them into ever-larger indebtedness (to the Haves, as every debt is the asset of someone else) has led us to the present situation where a public revolt is becoming increasingly likely. Populism will become more and more 'popular'.
Steve Forbes says nobody cares if Bill Gates gets richer because of tax cuts - MarketWatch

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Pension fallacies (cont'd)

UK pension system is fatally flawed, subsidies go to the better off, administration is hugely expensive (all the intermediaries in the pension 'industry' take hefty cuts, up to 2 per cent PER ANNUM (!!). State pension for all, no admin, one computer, payment kicks in when pension age is reached, total estimated cost 0.01 per cent! No surprise that providers do not want to hear this! But they still would have their place, people could and will save on their own to provide a better retirement - if they wish to do so.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

US sanctions have taken a big bite out of Russia's economy

US Sanction Mania should not really have too big an impact if the economy is managed correctly. So what if a part of the world is becoming a white space on the world map? Before America was discovered Europe did perfectly well, and same can be said of time before China entered the World economy. What is dangerous is the fact that nobody seems to be man (or woman) enough to put a stop to this encroachment promoted by sinister lobbies and 'think tanks' in the United States.
US sanctions have taken a big bite out of Russia's economy

Friday, 14 July 2017

Obsession with Corporate Tax

Not sure about your obsession to lower corporate taxes, it just creates a massive loophole for the 1%. Tax rate should be on a level with income tax, double tax can be avoided with other measures, eg low income shareholders get rebate etc. Investment is sheltered as depreciation reduces tax rates, dishing out money on repurchasing shares is made less attractive. And the foreign cash? just change the tax code, there is no reason to keep the exemption!
Fiscal Policy Dreaming - Scott Grannis Blog

Friday, 7 July 2017

Patents abused - entrenches established players, One Percent

There are lots of patents floating around that don’t represent bona fide inventions.
One Thing You Don't Need Is Stronger Patents - Bloomberg