Saturday, 4 June 2011

Greek Debt Crisis: Lunatics at the controls - sauve qui peut!

The headline that another Euro 100 billion (!!) might be spent by (mainly unaccountable) politicians and (international) bureaucrats on behalf of the citizen-slaves staggers the mind. In terms that can be understood by the man on the street that means that an average family of three Greek citizens indirectly benefits from a windfall of nearly 30,000 Euro. We have watched with alarm as the political class all over the 'Western Democracies' has allocated an ever-increasing amount of the national wealth creation towards the pursuit of the pet projects that benefit their client lobbies. The spending for the Greek bailout reaches new peaks of irresponsibility and is a blatant attack on all honest and parsimonious savers and investors. Those readers not only interested in protecting their wealth from predatory politicians but also looking for ways to stop misgovernment in its tracks should look at supporting Dirdem as more direct democratic control of decision making offers the only hope of turning things around.

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