Friday, 15 January 2016

Self-driving Cars - unintended consequences

The Industry, led by oligopolistic firms, it trying to push the idea of self-driving 'autonomous' cars (Robot-Car sounds off putting I guess) on an unsuspecting public that - as usual - has no say in this. But despite all the (paid for with backhanders?) enthusiasm in a gullible press three questions need to be answered: (1) Is it not the case that a lot of people LOVE to drive their cars? (2) Apart from the question of battery life, how long the re-loading takes and whether or not there are enough loading stations - where is all the electricity coming from? England already is threatened with an Electricity crisis and the additional demand (if ALL cars and trucks switch to e-cars) would be enormous. (3) Governments in many countries would loose a major source of revenue, how is it going to be replaced?
So dear Google etal, what are your answers?

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